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advent law corporation reviews

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This article was written to share our client’s and personal review with regards to Advent Law Corporation.

We will review their legal services specifically for property decoupling and conveyancing.

For readers that are looking to engage the law firm for other services. Feel free to reference these reviews and comments for the services that you are interested in.

The general reviews of the firm’s professionalism, focus on customer service and other factors should carry forward to other legal services that the firm offers.

A quick primer on what we do

We are a team of specialist realtor, specialising in decoupling property, helping Singaporean property owners purchase their second property without ABSD.

We hope our decoupling lawyer review series can help provide a fair and objective review of law firms providing decoupling legal services in Singapore.

Brief introduction to decoupling property

For those that are uninitiated, decoupling property is a method property owners use in Singapore to purchase their second property without ABSD.

It entails an internal buy and sell transaction between co-owners of a property. The intention is to free up one party’s name to purchase another property without ABSD.

The importance of engaging a competent lawyer in decoupling

As compared to a simple buying and selling transaction, there are more details and nuances to take care of to ensure the legitimacy of the transaction.

A experienced decoupling lawyer can do the following

  • Provide valuable advise on what is legal and what is not
  • Ensure that proper payment trail and documentation
  • Administer the restructuring of loan
  • Administer the timely refund of CPF and disbursement of cash proceeds
  • Speed up the signing of sale and purchase document to meet your timeline for purchase of 2nd property

Decoupling Lawyer Recommendation and Cost Comparison ?

Looking for a faster way to find a decoupling lawyer ? Drop us a text and we will help you speed up the process by getting multiple quote for your comparison.

Review Criteria

We will be reviewing the law firm based on the following criteria

  • Lawyer and secretary experience and knowledge with regards to property decoupling
  • Friendliness and willingness to share knowledge
  • Timeliness and speed to response to questions

Client’s and consultant’s feedback working with Advent Law Corporation

We will rate the firm based on the review criteria set out above, with rating from 1 to 5 stars.

Lawyer and secretary experience and knowledge with regards to property decoupling

4 Star

We spoke to both the legal secretary in charge for decoupling property and the lawyer specialising in decoupling property.

Both parties were very professional and knowledgeable. We spoke at length about the intricacies of decoupling, addressing the questions commonly asked by our clients.

Here are some example of questions we asked

  • What is the shortest time frame in which one can purchase a second property without ABSD when decoupling ?
  • How to ensure property payment trail when decoupling to prevent any legal complications ?
  • The appropriate time buffer to set for cash and CPF to flow back into the owners account to purchase their second property.

Both parties are very experienced and very well versed in their knowledge with regards to this topic.

But what’s notable is their ability to communicate it in a manner that is very easy for our clients to understand.

The overall experience was very reassuring and insightful.

Friendliness and willingness to share knowledge

5 Star

In the process of decoupling your property, you would have quite a few questions that you will like to clarify with your lawyers. So it is important that you select a lawyer that not only has the legal expertise to guide you but also is willing to spend some time to explains stuff and share their knowledge with you.

Advent law corporation performed really well in this aspect. Interestingly the firm is structured in such a way whereby you get to have direct access to speak to the decoupling lawyers.

And the lawyers were very open to share their knowledge and clarify your questions.

Timeliness and speed to response to questions

For issues related to property conveyance for both sale and purchase of property, time is of the essence.

When you come across an opportunity that you would like to act on, you like to clarify any legal related questions with your lawyers quickly.

4 Star

Advent law corporation response time to any question is relatively fast and efficient. We put in our enquiries over the phone, within 15 mins we receive a call back from a lawyer.

This is pretty impressive as we had experience of lawyer taking days to answer a pending question possed to them.

Advent Law Corporation – Google Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars (8 reviews)

For google reviews, we specifically highlighted reviews specific to property conveyancing and decoupling services.

Michelle Lim

5 stars
“Rui Ying provided excellent services when it came to the transfer of ownership of my home, especially since my case wasn’t as straight forward. She went the extra mile at times and I truly appreciate her eye for detail. Very meticulous and quick to respond the entire process.”

Jereld Xu

5 stars
“Excellent service and reasonably priced for purchase of my new home. Many thanks to Ruiying and team, who were always responsive and ready to go the extra mile to assist. Especially impressive as its during these post covid times when we faced multiple uncertainties in the development and administrative delays from the developer.”

Kah Meng Ong

5 stars
“Excellent service from Shirley Hoo of Advent Law! Without her professional knowledge and advice on the whether to proceed or not with exercising of the OTP of a private property purchase where the property does not have a CSC could end up in a length court case! Her persistent and determination sticking with me throughout the ordeal has helped me to get back my 1% and rescind the OTP so that I can look for a better property! Really take my hat off to Shirley for staying back in the office until 9pm to help with the negotiation with the unreasonable seller who insisted me to exercise the OTP and settle their problem of not having a CSC despite them living in the property for over 5 years if I were to exercise the OTP!”

Advent Law Corporation Contact Details

Phone number
6883 2718

111 North Bridge Rd, #25-03 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098

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