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Condos within 1km of Catholic High

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Your objective

Getting straight to the point, the fact that you landed on this article, you are most probably on the quest to achieve the following two objective

  • Get your child into Catholic High primary school
  • Purchase a property that can make you money 

Here’s the challenge, it is easy to spend money and purchase a property within 1km radius of a reputable school. But it is way more challenging to find one that can bring you the next $400k to $500k return over the duration of your child’s primary school tenure. 

Especially if you are looking to purchase a resale condo proximate to a school like Catholic High. Most of the time you will be handing money over to a new launch buyers or early owners of resale condo. Who have seeded their capital, waiting for an exit buyer like yourself to come by. 

The goal for you is to make sure you purchase the right property that you can flip over to another exit buyer at a handsome premium after your child completes his primary school education and that will require some detailed analysis. 

Specialised property research service for parents

Having been through the process of finding a property for our own child and helping clients research and shortlist investment properties, we have fine tuned our own framework of identifying good investment properties around reputable schools. 

We thought creating a dedicated service helping motivated parents like yourself, to research, shortlist and identify good investment properties around popular schools like Catholic High would solve an existing pain point. 

The content that follows is a documentation of an actual consulting engagement that we have completed recently for a client looking to purchase a property within 1km of Catholic High primary. 

Feel free to drop us a text, if you would like us to help you with a property shortlisting engagement tailored to your budget and criteria. 

Insights into the area that Catholic High primary school is situated in

For the uninitiated, Catholic High is located in the Bishan area. It is a highly sought after and mature township that housed many other reputable schools besides Catholic High Primary. 

Other reputable schools in Bishan

  • Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School – ranked 48/186, above Nan Chiau Primary
  • Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School 
  • Catholic High Secondary School
  • Raffles Institution
  • Raffles Junior College
  • Eunoia Junior College

From a school perspective, this township has a lot to offer. Parents purchasing a property in Bishan can have the option to remain in the area throughout the duration of the child’s primary school, secondary school and even junior college education. 

Transport nodes driving rental demand

From a transportation perspective, you will be looking at the Bishan MRT as the key transport node, connecting both the north south line and the circle line and you have got the Marymount MRT surrounding the fringe of Bishan. 

So the properties in Bishan can serve the duo purpose of a home stay property as well as rental property. 

If finding a rental property is your thing, check out the article on the best place to buy a rental property in Singapore.

Price catalyst for condos in Bishan 

The price catalyst for properties in Bishan is unlike developing townships like Punggol, Lentor, Jurong East, Tengah and Woodleigh. Its price catalyst is derived from the development and new condo launches from its neighbouring township. 

And the following are several new launch related price catalyst that can potentially serve to push properties price up in Bishan

  • The new benchmark prices set by AMO residences which will TOP in 2026
  • The new benchmark prices set by Chuan Park new launch that will be launch in 2024
  • The new benchmark prices set by Lentor new launches

All these new launch developments are located within 1 to 2 MRT stops away from the centralised Bishan locale. 

All Condos within 1km of Catholic High primary school

Now let’s list out all the condo developments within a 1km radius of Catholic High primary school. 

Project NameTenureCompletionNo of unitsDist (m) from Catholic High Primary SchoolAvg Price (S$ psf)Rental Yield (%)
JADESCAPE99 yrs FROM 201820221,2067912,1313.7
SKY VUE99 yrs FROM 201320166947032,0383.7
CLOVER BY THE PARK99 yrs FROM 200720116166001,7652.9
SKY HABITAT99 yrs FROM 201120155097991,7563.3
RAFFLESIA CONDOMINIUM99 yrs FROM 199720032308031,4573.5
SEASONS VIEW99 yrs FROM 199620002245191,4123.2
BISHAN 899 yrs FROM 199619992006281,5973.2
SIN MING PLAZAFreehold19921029651,4132.3
MARYMOUNT VIEWFreehold1992684881,6022.7
SIN MING CENTREFreehold229813,177

There are a total of 12 condo developments within the 1km radius of Catholic High. Several of these developments are older developers with over 20 years of age and smaller developments with under 300 units. 

The first step will be to establish some Mandatory Criterias that we will use to eliminate a bulk of this development from the list. 

For a complete list of evaluation criterias to determine which condo is good for investment in Singapore, refer to article inline. 

Establishing Mandatory Criterias

Age of development 

The first litmus test for a good 99 year leasehold investment property is that it must not be too old. Its lease life must not exceed 20 to 25 years of age. As much as possible we want to stick to new developments that are priced advantageously. We will touch on pricing in later sections. 

When a development is old it brings forth two concerns in the minds of future buyers. 

Firstly, the ageing aesthetics and interior will both serve as a deterrent for buyers to sign the cheque for the purchase. On the other end of the spectrum, a newly TOP development will have the aesthetical charm to pull the emotional heart strings of the buyers, especially “the wife” to develop a liking for the property. 

Then logic will be tilted to justify paying high prices for the property and this is how record prices are set. 

Next, ageing property brings about the concern of decaying lease, your future buyer will have worries over the challenges they will face when trying to resell an old property in another 4 to 5 years time. 

Size of development

Real estate prices are built by profitable transactions, your neighbours selling at a high price allow you to sell your unit at a higher price. If there is no or limited recent transaction, then the challenge of justifying your selling prices will arise. 

Sales transactions tend to correlate with the size of development, a mid to large sized development will provide the transactional volume to help build towards your targeted selling price. 

So in summary, we will avoid the small and old and use these two criteria to chop our list down to a smaller number. 

Filtered list of condo development with investment potential 

We have narrowed down to the following developments that are either freehold or not older than 15 years of age and are reasonably sized developments. 

Project NameTenureNo of units
JADESCAPE99 yrs FROM 20181,206
SKY VUE99 yrs FROM 2013694
SKY HABITAT99 yrs FROM 2011509

For the eliminated properties 

  • Rafflesia
  • Bishan 8 
  • Seasons view

You would not be able to consider them as high growth investment property. If you have taken a liking for a unit in these developments due to its size, layout or location, you should adopt its purchase with a more defensive approach, coupled with a different investment strategy. 

Example, instead of selling your single property and purchasing a unit in Rafflesia, consider decoupling your current property to purchase a unit in Rafflesia as a second property, with minimal outstanding loan. 

With a duo property portfolio, you can leverage on a fully paid up unit like Rafflesia as your homestay unit while still keeping the other property as your investment growth engine. 

Reviewing the shortlisted condo development with the following criteria

We will now dive deeper to review each of this condo development in accordance to the following criterias.

  • Price disparity – psf price difference between condos
  • Affordability – purchase quantum difference between condos
  • Floor plan efficiency – which condo has a more functional layout

Price Disparity – Condos within 1km of Catholic High Primary School

The whole idea behind the price disparity analysis is to make sure you determine what is fair value, what is overpriced and to find the occasional under priced development. 

Project NameTenureNo of unitsAvg Price (S$ psf)Rebased psf back to 99 year
JADESCAPE99 yrs FROM 20181,2062,1312,268
SKY VUE99 yrs FROM 20136942,0382,293
CLOVER BY THE PARK99 yrs FROM 20076161,7652,131
SKY HABITAT99 yrs FROM 20115091,7562,021

Out of the 5 condo developments, Jadescape, the newest development that lease started in 2018, sets the benchmarked psf pricing at $2,131 psf. 

The point to note is that Sky Vue, a development that is 5 years older trail closely behind in terms of pricing at $2,038 psf. 

If we were to rebase both the development psf pricing back to a 99 year lease for an apple to apple comparison, you will notice that Sky Vue is actually priced higher than Jadescape in terms of psf.  

This should take some points off Sky Vue from a price disparity standpoint. 

For the other developments Tresalveo, a freehold development stands out in terms of its significantly lower price at $1,825 psf. 

Similarly older developments like Sky Habitat and Clover By The Park are priced significantly lower at $1,756 to $1,765 psf. 

Having said that, we should look at psf price disparity in conjunction with each development purchase quantum for an entry level 3 bedroom compact unit. 

It is common for older developments to be priced lower but cost a lot more to purchase from a quantum standpoint due to large floor plates with potentially less efficient layout. 

Affordability – Condos within 1km of Catholic High Primary School

Affordability is measured by the overall quantum required to purchase a specific bedroom type in a development, is an output of psf price multiplied by floor area for a unit type. 

It is influenced by both the psf pricing and layout efficiency of a development. 

From the perspective of a buyer, your property may tick all the boxes possessing a new and pleasing aesthetics and priced at a reasonable psf pricing. But your future buyer can’t take action if the property’s  overall purchase quantum exceeds their eligible loan size and budget. 

DevelopmentBedroom TypeSize (sqft)Average PSFQuatum
Jadescape3 Bedroom9042,1311,926,424
Skyvue3 Bedroom1,1412,0382,325,358
Clover By The Park3 Bedroom1,2161,7652,146,240
Sky Habitat3 Bedroom1,3981,7562,454,888
Tresalveo3 Bedroom1,5501,8252,828,750
DevelopmentBedroom TypeSize (sqft)Average PSFQuatum
Jadescape4 Bedroom1,2592,1312,682,929
Skyvue4 Bedroom2,0452,0384,167,710
Clover By The Park4 Bedroom17331,7653,058,745
Sky Habitat4 Bedroom15481,7562,718,288
Tresalveo4 Bedroom19701,8253,595,250

New developments are more affordable than older developments, despite higher psf

Reviewing the comparison table above, newer developments like Jadescape stood out against the older developments. 

Its developer, Qing Jian was able to build a 904 sqft, 3 bedroom compact with a decent size enclosed kitchen. And for other 3 bedroom premium unit types, the smaller 1,141 and 1,152 sqft floor plan, they are able to include a yard and utility room. 

This results in Jadescape’s significant advantage in terms of its 3 and 4 bedroom affordability due to its efficient layout. 

The affordability advantage stands out for Jadescape especially for an area like Bishan, which is dominated by older condo developments, with Jadescape being the only new launch in the area. 

Unlike areas like Serangoon North or Lentor, where you have got multiple new launches competing against each other, the affordability advantage for Jadescape is unmatched by another new launch within 1km of Catholic High primary school.

Lower psf for older development is offset by its high purchase quantum 

By design, the 3 bedrooms for older developments like Clover By The Park, Tresalveo are built with planter boxes, spacious corridor walkway and bay windows. This takes up floor space resulting in a high square for its respective 3 and 4 bedroom unit type. 

From the table, an entry 3 bedroom unit in Clover By The Park is minimally 1,216 sqft and Tresalveo 3 bedroom unit is minimally 1,550 sqft. 

Sky habitat is a relatively new development, compared to Clover By The Park. But its intended layout design with tonnes of square footage allocated to outdoor balconies have been a hurdle to its price appreciation since launch. 

We shall dive deeper into the specific of each development floor plan efficiency in later sections.

Floorplan Analysis – Condos within 1km of Catholic High Primary School

Point taken that there are merits for the spacious layout of the older vintage condos. Some people do like the spacious walkway, yard with lots of space for laundry and cosy bay windows for displaying dusty soft toys. 

But when we are on the lookout for a property with investment potential. We are looking for one with a floor plan that possesses all the desirable characteristics that your future buyer is looking for, and one which minimises all the potential objections your buyer may have in mind. All while ensuring the unit remains affordable. 

Desirable floor plan characteristics

  • Enclosed kitchen – plus points for one with window for ventilation
  • Yard – for laundry, so balcony can be spared from laundry
  • Utility room / Helper room 
  • Study room 
  • One functional sizable balcony –  instead of 2 small balconies across both living and master room
  • Windows within toilets for airflow 
  • Good window placement for cross ventilation

Undesirable floor plan characteristics

  • Long entrance walkway and corridors leading to rooms
  • Odd shaped living room 
  • Open kitchen – point noted that people are increasingly more accepting of the open kitchen concept
  • Awkward room layout that comprise the privacy of rooms 
  • Disproportionate allocation of space to balconies

To ensure the article stays within a reasonable length we will only be reviewing the layout of 3 bedroom units in each development. 

If you need help reviewing the layout of other developments or unit types feel free to drop us a text.

Reviewing – Jadescape Floor Plan

In general, the layout of Jadescape 3 bedroom units possess a very efficient and functional layout. 

Taking the 904 sqft, 3 bedroom compact unit as an example. It consists of an enclosed kitchen with a window for ventilation. And for its balcony, space is allocated reasonably to a functional balcony that you can easily enclose with Ziptrak and repurpose it into a mini dining area by placing a small dining set in it. 

From a privacy standpoint, the master bedroom is tucked further away from the living room, shield by bedroom 2 and 3. This provides privacy for your other half, when you are hosting guests in the living room. 

Floorplan - Jadescape - 3 Bedroom - 904 sqft
Floorplan – Jadescape – 3 Bedroom – 904 sqft

If you are able to stretch your budget, the 1012 sqft and 1152 sqft 3 bedroom unit will be a product that will be sought after by most families purchasing the unit for homestay. It comes with a yard and store room. 

Floorplan - Jadescape - 3 Bedroom - 1012 sqft
Floorplan – Jadescape – 3 Bedroom – 1012 sqft

Insert image – Floorplan – Jadescape – 3 Bedroom – 1152 sqft

Floorplan - Jadescape - 3 Bedroom - 1152 sqft
Floorplan – Jadescape – 3 Bedroom – 1152 sqft

Reviewing – Sky Vue Floor Plan

Sky Vue’s 3 bedroom units only come in 1141 sqft. Having personally viewed the unit, there are several pointers that you will need to be mindful of. 

The elongated walkway from the entrance to the living room results in some space inefficiency. And having 2 balcony, one at the living area and another at the master bedroom may not necessarily be appealing to some home buyers. 

Having said that, the 3 bedroom layout is superior to Sky Vue’s 2 bedroom unit layout, with a functional enclosed kitchen, yard and laundry area. 

Floorplan - Sky Vue - 3 Bedroom - 1141 sqft
Floorplan – Sky Vue – 3 Bedroom – 1141 sqft

Reviewing – Clover By The Park Floor Plan

Clover By The Park is a development that TOP in 2011, its layout is typical of the older vintage condo development. 

Point taken that it could be appealing to some buyers looking for space. But from a investment perspective, if you are looking to prioritised affordability, there are several objections from future buyers that you would need to overcome

The upside to this layout is that there is a huge dining and living area, which is hard to come by for new condo developments. And you have got a spacious kitchen and yard to handle serious domestic affairs.

The downside is that you are paying a significant amount of cash for a long odd shaped walkway from the entrance to the kitchen, sizable AC ledge and planter box. 

Floorplan - Clover By The Park - 3 Bedroom - 1216 sqft
Floorplan – Clover By The Park – 3 Bedroom – 1216 sqft

Floorplan - Clover By The Park - 3 Bedroom - 1249 sqft
Floorplan – Clover By The Park – 3 Bedroom – 1249 sqft

Reviewing – Sky Habitat Floor Plan

The Sky Habitat units are known for their sizable open terrace balcony. This is a feature that may not be appealing for many buyers. For those who prefer indoor space over balcony space, significant investment has to be invested to ziptrak the entire open terrace to turn it into a usable indoor living space. 

Floorplan - Sky Habitat - 3 Bedroom - 1398 sqft
Floorplan – Sky Habitat – 3 Bedroom – 1398 sqft

Floorplan - Sky Habitat - 3 Bedroom - 1537 sqft
Floorplan – Sky Habitat – 3 Bedroom – 1537 sqft

Reviewing – Tresalveo Floor Plan

Tresalveo is a unique rare freehold development in Bishan, its 1,550 sqft, 3 bedroom unit layout is spacious but very efficiently designed. It tilt towards the luxurious living proposition but yet retains practicality. 

It consists of a spacious dining and living area, a thoughtfully designed balcony that is not too huge. A helper room, a wet and dry kitchen with a yard. 

A product like this does not come cheap but if you are able to stretch your budget and are prepared to live in it for a prolonged period. This is something worth considering. 

Having visited the development, the development is very well maintained despite its age. 

But even if you got the budget, a unit in Tresalveo is not easy to come by. As it is a freehold unit, owners tend to hold on to the unit for a longer duration.

Floorplan - Tresalveo - 3 Bedroom - 1550 sqft
Floorplan – Tresalveo – 3 Bedroom – 1550 sqft

Floorplan - Tresalveo - 3 Bedroom - 1668 sqft
Floorplan – Tresalveo – 3 Bedroom – 1668 sqft

Floorplan - Tresalveo - 3 Bedroom - 1701 sqft
Floorplan – Tresalveo – 3 Bedroom – 1701 sqft

Summary – So which is the best condo within 1km of Catholic High Primary ?

So it depends on your personal circumstances, it is mainly a factor of budget, holding period and lifestyle preference.

If you are strapped on budget and are looking for a shorter holding duration of 5 to 6 years. The 904 sqft 3 bedder in Jadescape is something worth considering. 

If your budget permits the 1012 sqft and 1152 sqft 3 bedroom unit will be a product that will be highly sought after in the next 5 to 6 years.

On the flip side, if you are looking for something luxurious and comfortable for the family to live in for a prolonged period of greater than 6 years. The 3 bedroom units in Tresalveo would do well for you.

For units over at Sky Vue, you should only enter at a reasonable price. Sky Vue’s current pricing is trading too close to the newer Jadescape. 

For a decent entry, you should make sure the price gap between Sky Vue and Jadescape is more significant.

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Executing purchase of your condo based on your current circumstances

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More reads, more gains ?

Kudos on making it this far. The fact that you have invested the last 5 mins reading this article. We believe you are a like minded real estate investor looking to beat the rat race by getting more out of your real estate investment. 

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