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To many, Executive condominiums (EC) is an interesting asset class. Its strength straddles that of a subsidised government housing and a private condominium.

From a pricing standpoint, its pricing is moderated by HDB to ensure affordability and tends to be priced lower than a comparable private condominium in the same area. From a facilities standpoint it possesses the full suite of facilities that a private condo possesses.

This articles seeks to provide an accurate and convenient source for readers to find out an EC MOP date.

It was written with two segment of readers in mind.
Owners of EC, making plans for their next move and is eagerly awaiting the fulfilment of their 5 year MOP status.
Buyers looking to buy a resale EC that have fulfil its MOP status.

What is MOP period for EC ?

To set the context, minimum occupancy period (MOP) is a HDB stipulated time frame in which the first owner of an EC needs to fulfil before he or she can resell the EC in the open resale market.

For EC, the first owner would need to fulfil a 5 year MOP period. Within this 5 years, owners will need to adhere to the following restriction.

  • Owners will not be able to resell EC in the open market.
  • Owners will not be able to rent out the entire EC, while renting out of rooms is permitted.
  • Essential occupiers in EC are not permitted to be listed as occupiers or applicant for another HDB or EC.
  • Both owners and occupiers are not permitted to invest in another private residential property before fulfilling the 5 year MOP period.

After fulfilling the 5 year MOP period, EC owners are eligible to resell their units on the open market for sale to both Singapore citizens and Singapore permanent residents. And options such as decoupling EC becomes available to EC owners as well.

After fulfilling a 10 year occupancy period, EC owners will then be eligible to resell their unit to foreigner and corporate entities.

How do I check my EC MOP date ?

The EC’s 5 year MOP date begins the day keys are collected for your unit, also known as the temporary occupation permit date (TOP).

It excludes any period in which you do not occupy the flat or when there has been a violation of flat lease. Example, when the entire flat is rented out or when there is a violation of HDB stipulated MOP restrictions.

There are two ways to check on the MOP date of your EC.

One way is to log in to HDB website using your singpass and look under My Flat > Purchased Flat tab and further look into the Flat details and Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) section.

The second way is to check out the table below, it summarises all the ECs TOP and MOP dates.

Complete List of EC MOP Date

Refer to the table below for the complete list of EC in Singapore and their respective TOP and MOP dates.

ECLocationTOP DateMOP Date
Piermont GrandSumang Walk3 January 20233 January 2028
Rivercove ResidencesAnchorvale Lane2 October 20202 October 2025
Hundred Palms ResidencesYio Chu Kang Road18 December 201918 December 2024
iNz ResidenceChoa Chu Kang Avenue 530 April 201930 April 2024
NorthWaveWoodlands Avenue 1211 February 201911 February 2024
Treasure CrestAnchorvale Crescent14 September 201814 September 2023
The VisionaireSembawang Road/ Canberra Link14 June 201814 June 2023
Sol AcresChoa Chu Kang Grove12 Mar 2018* 26 Apr 2018*12 Mar 2023 26 Apr 2023
Parc LifeSembawang Crescent29 March 201829 March 2023
WandervaleChoa Chu Kang Avenue 314 March 201814 March 2023
The CriterionYishun Street 5126 February 201826 February 2023
The BrownstoneCanberra Drive30 October 201730 October 2022
Westwood ResidencesWestwood Avenue24 October 201724 October 2022
Signature At YishunYishun Street 51 (Parcel B)14 July 201714 July 2022
The TerracePunggol Drive/ Edgedale Plains25 May 201725 May 2022
BellewatersAnchorvale Crescent3 May 20173 May 2022
The ValesAnchorvale Crescent2 May 20172 May 2022
BellewoodsWoodlands Avenue 5/ Woodlands Avenue 616 March 201716 March 2022
Lake LifeYuan Ching Road/ Tao Ching Road30 December 201630 December 2021
The AmorePunggol Central/ Edgedale Plains28 November 201628 November 2021
Sea HorizonPasir Ris Drive 3/ Pasir Ris Rise7 October 20167 October 2021
EcopolitanPunggol Way/ Punggol Walk29 August 201629 August 2021
SkyPark ResidencesSembawang Crescent/ Sembawang Drive10 August 201610 August 2021
Lush AcresSengkang West Way/ Fernvale Link30 June 201630 June 2021
ForestvilleWoodlands Avenue 5/ Woodlands Drive 161 April 20161 April 2021
The TopiaryFernvale Lane22 March 201622 March 2021
Twin FountainsWoodlands Avenue 6/ Woodlands Drive 1614 March 201614 March 2021
Citylife@TampinesTampines Central 7/ Tampines Avenue 7/ Tampines Avenue 93 February 20163 February 2021
WaterbayPunggol Central/ Edgefield Plains27 January 201627 January 2021
WaterwoodsPunggol Field Walk/ Punggol East1 December 20151 December 2020
Heron BayUpper Serangoon View/ Upper Serangoon Road7 October 20157 October 2020
1 CanberraYishun Avenue 7/ Canberra Drive19 September 201519 September 2020
Twin WaterfallsPunggol Way/ Punggol Field2 June 20152 June 2020
The RainforestChoa Chu Kang Drive6 March 20156 March 2020
The Tampines TrilliantTampines Central 76 February 20156 February 2020
WaterColoursPasir Ris Drive 3/ Pasir Ris Linkg31 December 201431 December 2019
Blossom ResidencesSegar Road5 September 20145 September 2019
Arc at TampinesTampines Avenue 85 August 20145 August 2019
RiverParc ResidencePunggol Drive/ Punggol East19 June 201419 June 2019
BelysaPasir Ris Drive 1/ Elias Road28 May 201428 May 2019
Austville ResidencesSengkang East Avenue/ Buangkok Drive22 April 201422 April 2019
The CanopyYishun Avenue 1114 January 201414 January 2019
Esparina ResidencesBuangkok Drive/ Compassvale Bow11 September 201311 September 2018
PrivéPunggol Field17 July 201317 July 2018
La CasaWoodlands Drive 1622 Feb 2008* 25 Apr 2008*22 Feb 2013 25 Apr 2013
The QuintetChoa Chu Kang Street 6423 October 200623 October 2011
The EsparisPasir Ris Drive 422 Jun 2005^22 June 2008
WhitewaterPasir Ris Street 7231 Jan 2005* 1 Mar 2005*31 Jan 2008 1 Mar 2008
Park GreenRivervale Link30 September 200430 September 2009
NuovoAng Mo Kio Avenue 931 Aug 2004^31 August 2009
LilydaleYishun Avenue 629 March 200329 March 2008
Bishan LoftBishan Street 1126 September 200326 September 2008
The DewBukit Batok Street 2119 July 200319 July 2008
The EdenTampines Street 3416 April 200316 April 2008
The FloravaleWestwood Avenue (Jurong West)13 October 200013 October 2005
WoodsvaleWoodands Drive 725 August 20005 August 2005
NorthoaksWoodlands Crescent3 October 20003 October 2005
The FloridaHougang Avenue 718 Feb 2000* 30 May 2000*18 Feb 2005 30 May 2005
The RivervaleRivervale Link28 June 200028 June 2005
SummerdaleBoon Lay Drive8 September 20008 September 2005
Yew Mei GreenChoa Chu Kang North 61 September 20001 September 2005
PinevaleTampines Street 7328 July 199928 July 2004
ChestervaleBangkit Road20 March 199920 March 2004
WindermereChoa Chu Kang Street 6416 September 199916 September 2004
Simei GreenSimei Street 428 April 199928 April 2004
WestmereJurong East Street 1327 February 199927 February 2004
EastvalePasir Ris Drive 327 January 199927 January 2004
^ Certificate of Statutory Completion * Received phased TOP:  La Casa o Phase 1 TOP, 22 Feb 2008: Blocks 50, 52, 54, 56, and 58 o Phase 2 TOP, 25 Apr 2008: Blocks 60, 62, 64, 66, and 68  Whitewater o Phase 1 TOP, 31 Jan 2005: Blocks 27, 29, 31, and 33 o Phase 2 TOP, 1 Mar 2005: Blocks 21, 23, and 25  The Florida o Phase 1 TOP, 18 Feb 2000: Blocks 70 and 78 o Phase 2 TOP, 30 May 2000: Blocks 72 and 76  Sol Acres o Phase 1 TOP  12 Mar 2018: Blocks 8, 16, 20, and 24  26 Apr 2018: Blocks 2, 6, and 14 o Phase 2 TOP  12 Mar 2018: Blocks 18, 22, and 26  26 Apr 2018: Blocks 4, 10, and 12

Are There Any EC MOP Exemptions?

If you are looking for an exemption to sell your EC early before its MOP date, you will need to write in to HDB with an appeal to waive your MOP.

You will have to submit your appeal by logging into MY HDB page via Singpass, and look under My Flat > Purchased Flat > Flat details.

Note HDB will review the appeal submission on a case by case basis and will only approve appeal that falls into the following dire circumstances.

  • Divorce
  • Avoiding bankruptcy
  • Renunciation of citizenship

How to calculate sales proceed from sale of EC after its MOP date ?

A common consideration as part of the plan to sell EC after its MOP would include calculating the sales proceed that comes with selling the EC.

The general outline of calculating the sales proceed will entails gathering of the following information required.

  • Indicative value / selling price of the EC
  • Outstanding bank loan for the EC
  • Total CPF utilised including accrued interest for both you and your spouse

Indicative value / selling price of EC

To arrive at an indicative value or selling price for your EC, you can refer to URA past transaction history to arrive at an proxy price for your property

Outstanding bank loan for EC

To know the value of outstanding bank loan for your EC, simply login to your bank’s online banking platform and review outstanding loan value

CPF utilised including accrued interest

To derive the CPF amount that both you and your spouse utilised for the EC, you will each have to login to your CPF account and look under the CPF housing dashboard

The resulting sales proceed from the sale of EC will comprises of the final sale value less outstanding bank loan, less CPF utilised and finally netting off the usual $2,500 to $3,000 legal fee and 2% agent commission.

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What is the MOP period for EC ?

The Minimum occupancy period (MOP) period for EC is 5 years. The MOP period is calculated from the date you receive your keys to your EC on the EC’s temporary occupation permit (TOP) date. 

How do I check my EC MOP ?

To check your EC MOP date, you can login to MY HDBpage with your Singpass. Look under My Flat > Purchased Flat tab and further look into the Flat details and Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) section. 

Can I rent out my EC before MOP ?

No you are not allowed to rent out the entire EC unit before it attains its MOP status. However, you are able to rent out rooms in your EC prior to its MOP. 

What happen to EC after 5 years

After 5 years, EC would have fulfil its 5 year minimum occupancy period and owner of EC will be eligible to resell the unit in the open market to Singaporean citizen or Singapore PR. 

What happen to EC after 10 years

After 10 years, EC would be full privatised an EC owners will be eligible to sell it to foreigners and corporate entities. 


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