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Advance Law LLC Review

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Welcome, getting straight to the point.

This is an article written to review the legal services of Advance Law LLC. The fact that you landed on this article meant that you are on the search for a good lawyer to execute your next move in real estate.

We understand that engaging a lawyer to work on your real estate transaction, especially the more complex ones like decoupling property is somewhat a leap of faith. You can only know this much by reading google reviews.

We hope to give you deeper insights to the quality of the firm’s services by the following means.

  • Sharing our personal and client experience working with Advance Law LLC
  • Providing an opportunity for you to get a preliminary chat with the firm

Quick primer on who we are

While you commit the next 5 mins of your life reading our work, it would be good to know who is behind the keyboard.

We are a team of specialist consultants, specialising in decoupling property. Our business operates on the sole premise of helping Singaporean property owners derive the best strategy on how to avoid ABSD.

One time preliminary consultation with Advance Law LLC

As mentioned above, beyond google reviews and hearsay. The next better way to affirm your decision would be to simply have a preliminary consultation with the firm.

We have made arrangements with the firm to provide our readers with a one-off, non obligatory consult for our readers.

To initiate a first consultation, drop us a text.

Our review process

Two parts to our review process, we will first share our personal interaction and our client’s feedback with Advance Law LLC.

And in latter parts, we will save you the hassle and sieve through google reviews for noteworthy reviews of the firm pertaining to property conveyancing and decoupling property.

Client feedback and personal experience with Advance Law LLC

We will rate the firm based on the review criterias set out below, with a rating from 1 to 5 stars.

Lawyer and legal secretary experience and knowledge

4.0 stars

Our first interaction with Advance Law LLC was at a specialised decoupling property seminar organised by our firm.

The legal counsel from Advance Law, displayed a high level of professionalism but yet remained friendly and forthcoming. The legal counsel was able to highlight the best practices to enforce, to ensure long term legitimacy in the process of decoupling and property conveyancing.

She was also able to address the common concerns of divorce and the challenges associated with asset split with regards to property ownership, especially in the case of owning multiple properties.

All in all, we find the level of technical knowledge is above par.

Responsiveness and willingness to share knowledge

3.5 stars

In your course of engagement with a law firm, especially in more complex transactions like decoupling property, purchase of assets via trust and transfer of property via a gift, etc.

You will be the legal counsel with lots of questions, in the ideal case, you will hope to work with a team that is responsive and open to share.

From our experience, the legal secretary is highly responsive. We have been able to reach her via whatsapp and call easily. And they are willing to resolve your question within a reasonable timeframe.

Administrative efficiency

2.0 stars

Based on our client’s experience, there were some minor challenges in terms of administrative issues. There was a few minor administrative miscommunication in terms of processes and timeline for a refinancing transaction.

But the team was able to respond very responsibly and swifty to address the challenges. To maintain the client experience and to reaffirm that the process was on track.


4.0 stars

Decoupling legal fee : $5,000

For a comparison for decoupling legal fees in Singapore, check out the following article inline

Google Review for Advance Law LLC

4.1 out of 5.0 stars (76 reviews)

Review by Philippe Ruffier

“I engaged Advanced Law LLC to support me in a dispute about Real estate. Mr Jai did look after my case. His prompt answers, clear explanations, and reasonable fees (adjusted to the case) quickly gave me confidence that I had the right support here. In addition, his friendly personality made the whole experience memorable. I warmly recommend his services, without a doubt.”

Review by Cheam Michelle

“Very professional and helpful team! All events for the transaction took place promptly and smoothly. I especially appreciated the frequent updates and communication throughout the process”

Review by Winnie Hoo

“Recently I did the sales of my property with Advance Law. Had a very pleasant experience transacting with them. Miss Jesslyn Wang, the BDM is very helpful and responsive to my queries. Will definitely recommend my friends if they need such service.”

Advance Law LLC Contact Details

Phone number
6323 5488

430 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319402

Quick overview of the role decoupling lawyer play

There are generally 3 components to the decoupling process

Financial calculation (handled by decoupling consultants)

Legal execution (handled by decoupling lawyer)

  • Preparing and signing of sale and purchase document
  • Coordinating interaction between two independent law firm
  • Facilitating flow of funds between buying and selling party
  • Manage disbursement of proceeds – both cash and cpf
  • Formalise and stamping of new restructured bank loan

2nd Property Research and Purchase (handled by decoupling consultants)

  • Property research and shortlisting
  • Pricing comparison
  • Negotiation and execution of purchase
  • Decoupling Timeline planning

The importance of engaging a competent decoupling lawyer

A competent and experienced decoupling lawyer can help ensure that you are adopting the most legitimate processes when decoupling. This will ensure that your transaction remains legitimate in the long run, avoiding any potential complication similar to the 99-1 ABSD loophole incident.

Second, a proficient decoupling lawyer can get things done on time, preventing a slip up in opportunity to purchase your second property.

More reads, more gains ?

Kudos on making it this far. The fact that you have invested the last 5 mins reading this article. We believe you are a like minded real estate investor looking to beat the rat race by getting more out of your real estate investment.

If so, do check out the following articles.


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