Yeo & Associates LLC Review – Decoupling and Property Conveyancing

Yeo & Associates LLC Review

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This article was written specifically to review Yeo & Associates LLC legal services in the area of decoupling property and property conveyancing.

It was tailored for readers that are currently looking for a trustworthy, experienced decoupling lawyer to execute your plans of decoupling.

We understand that the decoupling process could involve more complexity from both a legal and financial standpoint. Hence, we decided to help make the process easier by rounding up the best decoupling lawyers that you can consider to work with.

For readers that are looking for legal service to assist with your property buy and sell transaction, feel free to take reference from the reviews highlighted in this article as well.

A little bit about ourselves

A quick intro, to ensure you are spending the next 5 mins reading content from a trustable source.

We are a team of specialist realtors, specialising in decoupling property. We seek to take the complexity and hassle of purchasing a second property without ABSD out of the equation.

Our suite of solution includes

  • Decoupling lawyer recommendation
  • Decoupling cost calculation
  • Timeline management
  • Investment property research and short listing

If reading is not your thing, drop us a text and we help send across some quotes from decoupling lawyers for your review.

Our review process

We will be splitting our review into two parts. Part one will consist of our personal experience and our client’s experience interacting and working with the law firm.

In the later part, we will highlight noteworthy google reviews and reviews found online pertaining to the firm’s property conveyancing and decoupling legal services.

Client feedback and personal experience with Yeo & Associates LLC

Knowledge with regards to decoupling

4 Stars

In our interaction with the firm’s legal counsel, she displayed great attention to details and displayed intimate knowledge with regards to the area of decoupling property.

She was very competent in highlighting what are the important elements to look out for when arranging payment between husband and wife, when executing a decoupling transaction.

When field with a curve ball question of, a couple consisting of a PR and Singapore citizen, who should be the best party buying over share. The legal counsel was proficient in highlighting the pros and cons of each permutation.

As a side note for more insights check out our article on decoupling property for Singapore PR and decoupling property for foreigner

Willingness to share knowledge

5 Star

Our experience speaking to the legal counsel from Yeo & Associates LLC was great. The lawyer was very friendly and open in sharing information.

We touch on topics like what are the factors that impact the cost of decoupling, and there was no hesitation in being transparent with sharing details on costing.

Responsiveness to question and message

2.5 Star

It could be a one-off incident for us, so take this with a pinch of salt.

We found the following up could be optimised. We drop a message for follow up and receive a call back 1 day later.


3 Star

$6,000 for decoupling property with outstanding loan
$5,500 for decoupling property without outstanding loan

For more insights on decoupling legal fees and if you should choose the one with the lowest cost, check out article link inline

Google Review for Yeo & Associates LLC

4.4 out of 5 stars (141 reviews)

Review by viet Ha quoc

5 stars

“Had a tough HDB dispute, especially with access control. Yeo & Associates Team stepped in, worked their magic, and we got it sorted. Simple as that. Forever thankful!”

Review by Salle Lok

5 stars

“Beatrice is very patient and very knowledgeable in her field. What impressed me most is, she is one lawyer who will go the extra mile for clients. Every lawyer can give advices on things related to law, but it’s the extra mile, integrity, kindness, compassion and a genuine desire to help people exhibited by Beatrice that touches me and makes me go back to her every time I need legal advice.”

Review by Bluer XD

5 stars

“I had meetings with other law firms and Beatrice clearly stood out as a client-first professional who was highly transparent and genuine from the start. She quickly followed up on our action plan and I managed to get quick settlement of my matter within just a few weeks. Ms Beatrice Yeo’s team is strong backing for the matter. I would strongly recommend using her services!”

Yeo & Associates LLC Contact Details

Phone number
6220 3400

101A Upper Cross Street #12-13 People’s Park Centre, 058358

Quick overview of the role decoupling lawyer play

There are generally 3 components to the decoupling process

Financial calculation (handled by decoupling consultants)

Legal execution (handled by decoupling lawyer)

  • Preparing and signing of sale and purchase document
  • Coordinating interaction between two independent law firm
  • Facilitating flow of funds between buying and selling party
  • Manage disbursement of proceeds – both cash and cpf
  • Formalise and stamping of new restructured bank loan

2nd Property Research and Purchase (handled by decoupling consultants)

  • Property research and shortlisting
  • Pricing comparison
  • Negotiation and execution of purchase
  • Decoupling Timeline planning

The importance of engaging a competent decoupling lawyer

A competent and experienced decoupling lawyer can help ensure that you are adopting the most legitimate processes when decoupling. This will ensure that your transaction remains legitimate in the long run, avoiding any potential complication similar to the 99-1 ABSD loophole incident.

Second, a proficient decoupling lawyer can get things done on time, preventing a slip up in opportunity to purchase your second property.

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